things you should know.

Living Colour is proud to be considered a large scale custom design studio.


What this means is that each of our artists have a unique style which they utilize to create custom one of a kind pieces for our clients. 

What this also means is that we do not have the availability for walk ins. We also do not have books of pre drawn designs available to the general public. Each artist however does periodically have pre drawn designs available for booking, that can be find on their individual instagram pages. To find these designs please select the desired artist from our "artists." section located at the top of the website.

artists preferred styles.

Illustrative Flora and Fauna


This style is reminiscent of old Botanical Drawings.

Jay uses fine line work to create texture and shading.

Her colour palette of choice is muted and earthy, think mustard yellow, olive green, and dusty rose.

Neotraditional Realism Illustrative


This style incorperates a mixture of both fine and bold linework.

PJ is happy to create colourful or greyscale pieces.

Illustrative Realism


Drew uses fine linework to create a sketchbook like realism.

Traditional, Neotraditional, Surrealism


This style is a new school take on traditional tattooing.

Ethan uses bold linework and crisp black shading to create his pieces. 

Graphic style Blackwork


David uses bold linework and solid areas of black to create a very stylized and graphic look.

*At this current time we do not have any artists that specialize in tribal or watercolour tattoos.