Bring out your natural beauty with natural enhances by Rich O Hanna. 
Wake up looking fresh and healthy with our cosmetic tattoo and other services to put your freshest face forward.

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Rich’s area of expertise is achieving a natural healthy and groomed look for his clients. The slogan, “wake up with Makeup” would have to be replaced with “wake up looking fresh healthy and groomed” Beautiful feathered brows, soft smokey lash enhancements and luscious lip blush are all the order of the day. Carefree beauty through no effort of your own.

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Services and Pricing

SMP - Scalp Micropigmentation

Go from Bald to Bold! Get your swagger back. Hair loss can be a debilitating condition for men and women. SMP is a fantastic solution.
It takes the eye of an artist in order to make SMP look undetectable. Rich’s work has fooled hairdressers!
In order to make SMP more affordable Rich offers this service at an hourly rate!
The SMP is plotted out in what is called scatters. First two sessions, sessions are two hours long (if you are flying in from out of town 6 two hour sessions over two days)
Initial scatters are lighter going darker incrementally. This works well for the client as the change from bald to bold is a gradual one that brings no attention to itself.

6 - 12 hours, $175 + tax per hour


Microblading has evolved . The modern version is a fusion of two styles microblading and powder-fill this achieves a more natural and durable enhancement.

This is a three step process: 

- Session one is a light treatment. 

- Session two,(one month later) is where the major work is done after    assessment of how the colour from session
  one has healed in.

- Final session three is a minor touch up to give your new brows that
  extra professional polish. Rich uses the finest pigments and tools in    the world and his brows are guaranteed to last 12 months.

Three sessions: $550 + tax

Smokey Lash. Tight Line. Lower Lashline.

Smokey Lash is a fabulous way to ramp up the lashes. Pigment is infused between the lashes to create the look of more density and contrast to make those peepers pop. A subtle line is tattooed above the lash line and thickened blended towards the outside
using natural and long lasting pigments.


Tightline is a more subtle enhancement where pigment is infused only within the parameters of the lashes, a popular choice for guys who want an undetectable enhancement.

Lower Lashline can look fantastic but this enhancement is not for everyone. Speak to Rich to discuss your suitability.

Three sessions: $450 + tax

Three sessions: $350 + tax

Three sessions: $300 + tax


Plasma Arc Eye Lift

Wow at last a non surgical solution for aging eyes!

Plasma Arc can tighten the lax crinkly skin around your eyes taking years off your appearance. This also works on hyper and hypo pigmentation.

This relatively new innovation in aesthetic services works with a very accurate hand held device that utilizes the voltage in the air between its tip and the natural gasses emitted from our skin, to form a plasma charge. A small electrical arc is created and instantly shrinks the targeted skin.


This is a permanent treatment.

Three sessions: $450 + tax


CIT - Collagen Injection Therapy

Collagen Induction C.I.T also known as micro needling is an  extremely effective treatment for aging skin, acne scarring scar  removal and sun damage. The numbed skin is gently needled to  stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres also  known as a wound healing cascade. As muscles respond to  trauma inflicted by pumping iron the dermis is likewise developed  through controlled trauma. The result is a smoother looking skin.  


Fine lines discolouration and tired looking skin replaced by firmer and more luminous looking skin. There is nothing in the market as effective for rejuvenating the skin.

Areas treated. Face, neck, décolletage, back of hands

$250 + tax per session

Lip Blush

A beautiful lip blush can transform your face. 


Makeup simply cant replicate that luminous bloom that a lip enhancement gives.


- Session one is colour correction of purple and blue tones.
- Session two the colour of your choice.

(Bring your favourite lipstick/blush!)
- Session three final perfecting.

Please note lip procedures are spaced two months apart.


$399 + tax for 2 sessions


Skin Perfection

Using Plasma Arc technology this highly effective and minimally invasive treatment targets:

-skin tags

-cherry angiomas

-age spots 

-other skin imperfections that have been resistant to other forms of treatment.


Process takes around an hour including numbing. 

Cost $175 + tax per treatment

Per session: $195 + tax

Saline Tattoo Removal

Using a specialized concentrated and sterile solution . The old tattoo is worked over with fine needles that work the solution in to the skin.


Natural removal is less painful and less  expensive than traditional laser removal it also requires much fewer sessions. 



Colour Boost/Correction

Cosmetic tattoos can fade or change colour over time. Rich will correct the colour and get you back to looking fresh and radiant.


Did your cosmetic tattoo turn green, purple, pink or blue?


We can help! These can all be restored to beautiful, natural tones.


Works for brows, eyeliner and lips. 

$175 + tax per session

Areola Paramedical/Reconstruction

Surgeons can do a beautiful job at reconstructing a breast but some women want the restoration to be complete.


Areola tattooing takes a true artist to get that subtle shading and colour matching exact and looking natural.


Other related services are:

-Areola blush

-Subtly adjusting the colour and shape of an existing Areola.

Three sessions: $400 + tax

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