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Living colour australian Wildlife Emergency Rescue Fundraiser

For more information about the event click here!

*Designs are for arms and legs only*

1 tattoo for $100 plus tax.

2 for $150 plus tax (on the same person).

In full colour.

Still has availability on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

*Also open Sunday February 9th, 11am - 6pm!*

Jay Klein



$80 plus tax for linework. 

$100 plus tax for colour.


Sunday 11am to 6pm

Monday 12pm - 8pm

Tuesday-Thursday 10am - 5pm

$80 plus tax for linework. 

$120 plus tax for colour.


Saturday 10am to 6pm

Monday-Wednesday 10am - 6pm

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$100 plus tax for linework. 

$120 plus tax for colour.


$80 plus tax for 1

$120 plus tax for 2 (on the same person)


Thursday-Saturday 11am to 5pm