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Maticus Piercing

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Fridays, 12pm - 7:30pm
Saturdays, 12pm - 7:30pm
Sundays, 11am - 5:30pm

During the COVID-19 outbreak, our piercer will be available


Please feel free to fill out our piercing request form or call the shop at

613-241-4961 to book in an appointment. We ask that all appointments be booked at least the day before. Same day bookings will be very limited, but will be posted on Instagram.


Prices below are pre-tax and include basic jewelry. For upgrade jewelry prices, click here. For piercing specials click here.


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$50 - Single lobe

$90 - 2 Lobes


$65 - Helix, Tragus,

          Conch, Rook, Daith, 

          Snug, Forward Helix,


$85 - Industrial


Coming soon!


$65 - Nostril

$70 - Septum


$65 - Lower Lip (Labret),

          Upper Lip (Monroe),

$70 - Vertical Labret,

          Medusa (Philtrum),


$115 - Dahlia, Snake Bites,

            Spider Bites

$200 - Shark Bites


Coming soon!


$65 - Nipple (18+ only)

$70 - Top/Bottom Navel


$65 - Eyebrow

Our combos must be on the same person. 2 person specials happen periodically. Check our specials here.

combo 1

$115 - Any 2 of the $65           


combo 2

$120 - Any 1 of the $65           

            piercings and any 1 of

            the $70 piercings.

triple helix

$150 - 3 Helix or 3 Forward

             Helix piercings.



Student Discount

Highschool and post secondary students get a 10% off student discount when they present a *valid student ID at the front desk!

The 10% discount is limited to new piercings only!

Student Discount cannot be combined with Lightning Deals, but will work on our Combos and Triple Helix.

*Student ID cannot be expired.

**Student ID cannot be used as a substitute for government issued

photo ID.

Student Discount!

10% off new piercings!

Loyalty Card

When you get a new piercing, you will also be entered into our loyalty program.

For every $50 (pre tax) spent on piercing, jewelry or piercing aftercare, you get a sticker on your card. Once you have 9 stickers, you will get a free $65 piercing or $65 towards a piercing or jewelry!

You can get bonus stickers by bringing in friends for their first piercing with us!

Limit one sticker per friend per visit.

No cash value. Non-transferable. Non-refundable.

The $65 must be used all at once and is exclusive for Maticus Piercing. It may not be used for tattoos or any other piercer working at Living Colour Tattoo Studio.

Please note we do keep digital records of how many stamps you have, so that if you were to lose your card, you won't lose your hard earned stickers.

Lightning Deals

Deals that come in a flash and end just as quickly!

Lightning Deals are Instagram exclusive deals posted as a story on Maticus' Instagram.

They are posted and can last between 24-48 hours, so check often to see what is on special.

You can also follow him on Instagram so you can catch the deals when they strike!

Lightning deals


More Coming Soon!




13 and under

13 and under

Our piercer does offer limited service for pierces 13 and under, which are:

- lobes ages 7 and up and

- nostril age 12-13.

The piercer does these by appointment only, requiring a $50 deposit to book the space and we do require that you purchase and EMLA numbing cream and apply it before the appointment (for lobes).

If you have any other questions, please check out or FAQ, or feel free to email him at matlcpiercing@gmail.com. To get booked in, fill out the request form below.

More Services Coming soon!