Tattoo FAQs


getting booked.

Do I need an appointment?

Our artists create custom unique pieces for each client, and that means appointments are required for all tattoos, as to allow the artist time to create your individualized tattoo. 

After you choose the artist you would like to work with, you will need to fill out their personalized request form to begin the booking process.

Which artist should I choose?

Each of our artists has their own creative style, so we suggest taking a look at their portfolios and seeing who stands out to you.


  Portfolios can be viewed through our website. Just click on the name of the artist in the drop down menu at the top of the page titled artist, or click on their faces on the home page.

What if I want a custom tattoo?

You're in luck! All of our artists are custom only, so you can be assured that your design will be unique to you.

Some artist offer in person consultations, while others do so through Zoom or email. 

Regardless of the process, rest assured that you will receive a one of a kind design!

How long does a custom design take to complete?

Length of time between a consultation and a tattoo appointment varies for each artist, and is discussed between client and artist at the time of the consultation.

A viewing appointment may be scheduled in between the consultation and the tattoo appointment at the request of the client, which enables the client to review the design progress.

Do I need to leave a deposit?

When booking an appointment, Living Colour will ask for a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 towards the tattoo. The deposit will come off the cost of your tattoo on the day of the appointment.

You can view our Deposit Requirements here 


your appointment.

How old do I need to be to get tattooed?

You must be 18 years of age to obtain a tattoo at Living Colour.  If you are 16 years + of age, tattoos may be done at the discretion of the Artist.


Parental or Guardianship consent is required for anyone under the age of 18 wishing to be tattooed at Living Colour, with identification and signature required. 

What types of identification do you accept?

Regardless of age, we REQUIRE valid* government issued photo ID .

We accept:

Driver's Licence

Photo Cards


Other Licences.

Photo Health Cards.

*ID must not be expired.

What should I do before my appointment?

For our Tattoo Pre-Care Form, just click here.

What if I want to bring a friend to keep me company?

During this time of Covid-19, government rules and regulations stipulate that

we are unable to allow clients to bring anyone with them.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I bring children with me when I get tattooed?

Unfortunately, bringing young children into the tattoo room is not allowed. 

Older children and teenagers are welcome to wait by themselves in the lobby.

EDIT: we are unable to have ANYONE wait in our lobby at this current time. Clients awaiting appointment ONLY.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

You will be required to bring:

Your government issued photo ID

You are also encouraged to bring:

Snack and/or Drinks

A book

A Tablet/Laptop


We DO NOT have guest wi-fi at this time



What if I'm about to go on vacation?

We suggest waiting until after you return to get tattooed.

Fresh tattoos need to be kept out of  standing water in order to minimize the risk of infection. This includes: oceans, lakes, rivers, pools/hot tubs, water parks, etc.

Avoiding sand and sun are also highly recommended.

What if I play sports or exercise regularly?

Depending on where you get tattooed and what bandages the artist uses, there are different stipulations.

We recommend talking to your artist if you have any concerns about physical activity, exercise and sports.

What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, due to the potential risk of infection that comes with any tattoo, we do not perform services on anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.

Should an infection occur, it could be passed along to your child.

We will happily work with you when you are done breastfeeding or after you give birth.

What if I am feeling sick?

If you are feeling sick, or are on antibiotics, we ask you to rebook.

Your immune system is already under the stress of healing from your illness, so getting tattooed would be too much strain on your body.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to re-book!